Just another Patch…

While most of the time I’m happily doing my projects in CS4 and CS5.5, there is the rare occasion where I just can’t avoid firing up the CS6 version of After Effects and then it’s always a painful reminder of what a really badly busted software looks like. Some of the issues have been so glaringly obvious from the beginning, it makes you wonder who signed the "fit for release" papers. Several forum threads on issues like the resurgence of the "RAM previews need more than 2 frames" or the raytrace 3D not initializing are now several hundred posts long on the Adobe forums alone and my preferred method of fixing all those ridiculous cache issues is still to tell people to simply turn it off. The latest update claims to address some of that stuff, so maybe it’s worth a try and it’ll spare us some of these boring, repetitive forum posts….

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