"You are The One who was…"

Anyone remember that line from the most favorite of all my favorite science-fiction series, Babylon 5? Exactly! It’s in War without End where Zathras (the also already deceased Tim Choate being very funny) is revealing the truth to Jeffrey Sinclair who is going to travel back in time to become the great Minbari leader Valen. Well, if only time travel were possible… Unfortunately it is not and now we have to live with the reality that Michael O’Hare passed away after a heart attack at the age of 60 which kinda makes me feel rather sad. Of course he has always been controversial and his arguments with JMS have now become legendary, but actually some of the episodes in season 1 still rank among the best and not least of all because of him. He brought a depth and wisdom to his role along with some "elder statesman" feeling, that probably would have benefited the whole series for a while longer. There’s nothing wrong with Bruce Boxleitner, but he never really can manage to convey that same quality as Sheridan….

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