A Recipe for bad Marketing

I have had some fun observing Adobe‘s latest (mis-)communication about that Cinema DNG stuff. They followed the recipe for disaster down to the T which goes something like this:

  • Have a big company with several departments. For lack of a better name let’s call it Big Red A.
  • Have department A (research) post some information without checking with department B (marketing) because actually they never talk to one another even on the best of days.
  • Lean back and wait for the social media shitstorm to unfold.
  • Have some guy from department B cover everyone’s asses by issueing a statement to put everybody’s mind at ease.

Sounds familiar? Sure, happens all the time, but still, how can anyone not conclude that this whole affair was some lamebrain move on Adobe‘s part? It simply was unnecessary. Of course there is some small info hidden in here as well: While Adobe may continue to support Cinema DNG for a while, most others probably won’t. Most camera vendors happily use their own RAW CoDecs these days…


2 comments on “A Recipe for bad Marketing

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  2. Yes, it certainly does sound familiar. Companies get so “compartmentalized” that it’s almost like their fighting against each other. And then the blame starts flyin’. Been there, don’t want to go back. :) Thanks Mylenium.

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