Fonts, Fonts! Everybody does Fonts!

In the day and age of TypeKit and web fonts one should actually have no reason to complain about lack of typeface choices, but of course we still do ‘cos that stuff is only available in your browser and not locally, leaving us sometimes pulling our hair out and only reluctantly buying commercial fonts for our design work. Therefore we all love fonts, especially free ones. Now free fonts are dangerous, because often all the tweaking required to compensate for their lack of proper kerning and other typographic finesse doesn’t make them worthwhile many times on bigger projects and their technical issues can crash your precious Adobe software, but I suppose for a free lunch they’re okay and you can never have enough of them. That is even more so, as monospaced fonts and constructivist fonts by their nature can elegantly avoid some of those issues, so Adobe‘s new Source Code Pro and Video CoPilot‘s blocky type have their uses, be it just for some countdown stuff. And as someone knitting code I sure can appreciate the use of a distinct typeface in a code editor, though ironically it will probably take forever before we see any of that making its way into After Effects.

Speaking of free things, I was quite jazzed by this plug-in for Cinema 4D. I love doing all sorts of procedural patterns and structures with MoGraph, XFrog and other tools and this is just extremely cool – that is, to have it actually inside the program, not having to use some external generator tools like Strucure Synth or the noise features found in sculpting programs. It even made me donate a few Euros right away. Now all I need is to get updates for the serials of some other plug-ins so they run again in R14 and I will all be set to create the weirdest stuff…

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