Games and good Music

At a time in my youth I was actually quite a gamer and played for hours on end on our Super Nintendo and Megadrive. It is actually a big part of what got me in the 3D graphics business – I was enawed by all those scrolling backgrounds and elaborate sprites swarming the screen, so I wanted to create my own. These days I’m at best an occasional gamer and having a history with console games, I prefer certain genres like jump’n’runs, action adventures or arcade style shooting games. That being so, there’s not too much of that in the mainstream PC world, so I’m always looking forward to certain "independent" games being released, especially via something as affordable as Humble Bundle. The current offering is probably okay, but the games are no more than what they promise to be. They can be fun for half an hour, but never truly catch on. As a matter of fact I already uninstalled Torchlight again as it struck mea as nothing more than a Diablo knock-off, but with an overly complicated bonus/ magic/ item system on top that kills every bit of fun, something which I’m truly not into. A simple healing potion in Zelda and some enchanted swords are all my ageing brain can handle. On the other hand the music of some games is quite good, oddly enough. I just love the Dustforce and Shatter soundtrack. It’s exactly the kind of light electro-pop that makes you tap your toes to the rhythm…

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