Hobbitses! We likes Hobbitses!

It’s Tolkien Week this week which has all sorts of weird activities around the books like people glueing on pointed Elven ears or public readings of the books. Though I’ve read several of the books several times over the years I don’t exactly share this kind of obsession, but no matter what, this stuff is 20th century classic, perhaps the biggest of them all and I can understand the cult following. As with any such sensitive material one has to be careful, but Lord of the Rings turned out alright and even if I didn’t agree with all the decisiosn and there are some flaws with it, Peter Jackson is still the only person on this planet I would trust to properly handle this sort of thing. So I was immediately was hooked when the The Hobbit films were announced. My heart slightly sank when reading about the 48FPS seemingly going terribly wrong and indeed the first snippets looked pretty *nah*, but now that we finally have a proper trailer, I’m giddy as hell. It looks positively awesome!

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