"They tried to make me go to Rehab…."

…and I said “Yes, yes, yes!” Borrowing this line from the late lamented Amy Winehouse I figured I give some update on my ongoing deterioration, mostly because this topic kinda came up again in a brief spiritual exchange among geeks with Kevin Schires, maker of Elementary.

The first and most obvious question is probably the state of my lungs. Mmh, yes, I seem to have managed to get out of this acute phase and my docs keep telling me everything should be fine within what one can expect, but no matter what, I’m still huffing and puffing like a steam locomotion when climbing up those 5 flights of stairs to my flat. That and of course the ongoing chest pain which makes it difficult to get decent sleep and is causing other sideeffects like the weirdest spasms. In fact just this night I had a panic attack because the pain was so severe I felt like I couldn’t breathe anymore. *ouch* And it’s generally difficult to get up in the morning because it takes time for the pain to subside and getting a feel for your body and the head stopping spinning.

The next most annoying thing is my stiffness. On some days I feel like Pinocchio – before the fairy breathed life into him. Now granted, part of the problem is that I didn’t get a chance to properly train off when the illness hit and my then pretty muscular cycling legs caused all sorts of blockages and muscle tonus issues when they no longer were used which now manifest themselves as skeletal blocks and bad posture. When combined with my enzymes running rampage on a bad day, this makes indeed an interesting combination where you walk around like your legs are matchsticks and you can’t get up after kneeling down or bending without holding on to something. And of course sitting too much in front of the computer doesn’t help, either.

Why am I telling you all this? There’s some light on the horizon in that I’m now entitled to some rehabilitational measures. Filling out the forms for our public health ensurance and chasing after signatures is a discipline in itself, but starting next week I now have the chance to do some tailormade sports under proper medical guidance and hope this will help to strengthen my muscles to avoid some of the pains and increase my stamina so I may not always feel that exhausted after the slightest activity. It will also help to stabilize my circulatory system perhaps without taking this awful potassium stuff for the rest of eternity.

I’m also hoping it will help me to get back on track with my weight a bit. All this inactivity and the corticoids have made my belly grow way too much just as it has made my skin dry and sensitive like aged parchment and I have to use expensive body lotion to compensate. My rheumatologist also already threatened to do another osteodensitometry because of course corticoids decalcify the bones and make them soft after a while. Well, that shall be interesting….


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