I like to tease…

Now that I have a new system, it occured to me that I still hadn’t rendered that Tron style animation that just wouldn’t work back then in its full HD glory. So now here it is for you to enjoy:

Since there’s Optical Flares in there, too, it is only fitting that I once more prominently mention my über-comparison chart that I’m working on. Indeed I’m now pretty close to finishing it and to wet your appetite, I have clipped the score summary from the doc. For reference, the maximum score anyone could achieve there is 960 points (at this point, may be subject to change), so you may get an idea how the individual plug-ins/ tools fared. In there’s not only Optical Flares, but also Knoll Light Factory, Boris Lens Flare 3D, Sapphire Lensflare and my own age old project.

Lens Flare Plug-Ins Score Chart

I’m not telling you which is which, but if you do some research of your own you should be able to figure it out eventually. Things are not as they may seem, though, so be smart about it! Or you could of course wait for the full thing those few more days…. Some more formatting to do still, a few things to type here and there and then some proofreading. One thing is for sure: I know a lot more about Excel now than before, but I’m actually quite pleased how it turned out. It’s pretty amazing to see how many graphical options the program offers today to make your tables look pretty and as far as actually working with the tables is concerned, it beats InDesign by lightyears. One more of those sad ironies where one of Adobe‘s graphics program takes second place to an office program (to those who aren’t aware: it’s the same like people not being able to do dynamic flowcharts/ UML diagrams in Illustrator and using OpenOffice‘s graphics tools to export SVGs)….

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