This must be Underwater Love

Ah, what a beautiful song! It had a pretty good vibe and somehow always made me imagine all sorts of things involving guys in speedos under water… ;-) Remember it? It was part of a Levis campaign back then when that brand actually still had any value and was cool. Having a great respect and love for all the creatures that live in, on, under and near the waters, which not least is a recurring theme in many of my projects, I have created yet another one with the new Plexus 2 and just like the song makes my head swing from left to right and back and forth, so do the plant like structures in this one.

Okay, the big trees are more like whipping around because I exagerrated the motion, but well, I can always try again. Everything you see is 100% Plexus. No Trapcode Form, no Freeform or FreeForm Pro, just a bit of Sapphire glow here and there and some other standard effects. Of course it took a bit of experimentation here and there, but I hope it shows how versatile the plug-in has become and what you can do with it if only you set your mind to it. As a downside, rendering took forever and I’m actually glad I have a new machine with plenty of RAM. There must be millions of facets/ triangles and points in that one shot and having huge textures for the caustics and ocean floor/ reef no doubt doesn’t make things easier.

The second demo is much less complex, but no less interesting. It illustrates how with only relatively simple changes and different settings you can create different looks based on very much the same basic setup. That setup is once more a modified version of my IBL Plexus Sphere, the ongoing recycling of which is either a testament to my own laziness or a monument to how brilliant it actually is in its simplicity. I may even put it up on my page after a little clean-up work with perhaps some other stuff that is still waiting to be tried and explored.


2 comments on “This must be Underwater Love

  1. great song, 1997, the band was “Smoke City” , a trip hop project with a brazilian singer , but that was their best song…btw the plexus experiments are cool..thanks for your knowledge, generosity and inspiration
    Best from Uruguay

  2. Excellent work!!
    Can’t imagine only Plexus is used. Keep going ..!!

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