Know the Man, see the Face!

I know, I know, Plexus 2 is now released and I probably should tell you a bit about it, but this is not yet the time and place. In fact I simply hadn’t my pieces in place and was having too much fun pushing the plug-in to its limits, so I kept refining my projects until last weekend and now don’t have anything to show (yet). I’m rendering it now and you can be assured that in a few days there will be some stuff to wet your appetite. In the meantime, suck this in:

Plexus Beams renderer About screen

And just so you know who the guy is, here’s a photo to go along with it. We did it just this morning while I was goofing around with my colleague at work:

Lutz albrecht (Mylenium)

I love it when developers actually listen to me instead of pointlessly mucking around and implementing stuff that I don’t need or want. Gotta love Satya for this! More thoughts on the sad state of After Effects plug-ins next time. On that note, I still notice those curious Sapphire Lens Flare vs. Optical Flares questions on my dashboard. Keep them coming! I’m almost there, I just need a little more time. Contrary to those superficial sales-driven comparisons like the recent one on Toolfarm I’d like to do a more thorough job in the hopes that it may better present the current state of the union, in a manner of speaking…

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