I want the Nineties back!

Well, certainly not for the fashion nor for some of that awful music, but it was a time when you could actually get excited about software. These days it’s always like “Ah yes….” – you notice from the corner of your eye and then go about your everyday business.

As I wrote already, I was less than enthusiastic about the latest Cinema 4D version. Yeah, sure, the sculpting stuff works and it’s what people would call a “solid” release for all the other parts, I just can’t find anything that would make may go “Yeeha!”. It has this weird vibe that After Effects has ever since CS5 – it feels like CS4 with a few extra features and in 64bit. Not that it is a bad thing and I’m sure e.g. the new OpenGL will prove its worth in everyday work, it just nothing to drool over like Lagoa physics or ICE in general in XSI. Funny, that comparing Cinema 4D‘s awful performance in XPresso/ Thinking Particles still makes people discuss this topic regularly, even if Autodesk have more or less EOL’d this particular program.

Elsewhere, Nuke got updated to version 7. Now admittedly, even when I had access to using it I never got the hang of it (it just didn’t fit what I do and so I never committed enough time to learning it) so I do not know that much what people in the VFX world, but as an outsider that, too, evokes this weird dejà-vu. Having to implement better motion blur and lens blur options? RLY? That feels so positively After Effects! On that note, of course Nuke long has had 3D and also has had AtomKraft for a while and it seems the After Effects version has not only inherited some of the good parts, but also the bad manners of the licensing system. I’m sure Moritz and his fellows will work it out in time, though.

And what did I do while everybody was in Amsterdam? I worked on some cool stuff in Plexus 2, battled my chest pains and chased more frogs in the woods. ;-)

Leap Frog in the Woods

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