Nuclear Fission Friday

Living in the rural belt around a bigger city has it’s good sides like being close enough to go to work there using public transport, but just as well has its downsides like my measly DSL connection due to limited provider choice, which if course is pretty ridiculous, given that inside the city boundaries they kiss people’s asses just so they sign a contract because the market is so hopelessly oversaturated and you have so many providers in some areas, you could run your own hosting center on 20 different connections from conventional DSL to glass fiber to of course different wireless offerings. I’ll never understand the logic behind that.

Similarly irrational is getting a hold of your parcels, if they are not sent via DHL/ Deutsche Post. Naturally, most of the time I’m not at home when they deliver them and then it always becomes a matter of chasing your stuff. Either you have it sent to your neighbours, which of course then are not around when you knock on their door or you have to pick it up at some of their partner shops, which can be as far as the next town/ village. Now imagine the hoops you have to jump if you don’t have a car like me… This makes waiting for Amazon orders quite frustrating at times, especially if you’re waiting for some geeky fan stuff like the BluRay version of Star Trek – The Next Generation. Luckily, I now have it in my hands and look forward to taking a look at more imagery reworked as in their teaser edition. The steel box edition even comes with a cute communicator pin (though it’s a bit too glossy compared to the version in the series).

Elsewhere AtomKraft is now finally released and for your to have at a discounted price. I wish I could tell you more beyond "Go, get it!" but somewhere between the summer heat, my own projects, being repeatedly sickly (even as I’m writing this, I have this stinging in my ear from an inner ear infection just so you know! I must sound like a group of elderly people discussing their health problems at times… *lol* ), migrating to a new computer and Beta testing Element 3D and Plexus 2 I have completely lost track of it. I guess it’s time to revisit it, as I haven’t even put it to test a single time on my new machine. And the good news is now that Cinema 4D supports Alembic and has this sculpting and map baking stuff it might actually begin to make sense. Hopefully I can pick up my R14 upgrade package tomorrow (had the notification from the post lady in my mail box) and try it out one of these days…

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