Continuing yesterday’s topic on sort of drinks it just occured to me how disgusting actually one of my medical supplements tastes… Because my illness has a tendency to go to the cardio-vascular system and my blood values are always marginal, my doc has me measuring my blood pressure regularly (I’m always waiting for that day when it starts to beep and gives a warning that “this may not be used on dead people” *lol*) and also has me drinking Potassium citrate to stabilize my circulation. Trust me, it is as bad as it sounds. It really tastes like lemon. Not the delicious, fruity ones they grow in the Mediterranean, but really the cheap ones they import from Africa or Southern America and that indeed contain only 90% citric acid but not a hint of aroma. *yuck*

In completely unrelated news this morning I actually found myself listening to the lastest The Post Show podcast featuring everyone’s favorite Canadian, Steve Forde and while it of course has some of those dull marketing moments, the interesting news buried in the last 20 minutes is that the big red A has cooked up some completely new product and will announce/ showcase/ whatever it on IBC. Almost makes me wish had the money to go to IBC regardless of my skepticism, but well, after spending so much money on my computer, things just don’t come together. And Lufthansa‘s cabin personell going on strike again on Friday will probably make it neigh on impossible to even get there in time for the opening of the show. I still painfully remember my excursion to London turning almost into a disaster for similar reasons. Well, anyway, I’m kinda intrigued, no matter what and as I once wrote, teasing is definitely better than boring people, is it not, Steve? ;-)

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