Moving on from computer to computer is always pretty interesting, especially at home without the comfort of a centralized storage across a network. Despite al lthe progress software has made in recent years, I’m still always kinda put off by all the unnecessary tiny fuck-ups. One particularly annoying part is always moving my iTunes library and Apple did not disappoint again. Moving things smoothly would be all too easy, would it not? So only hwn I went to my doctor appointment with the headphones plugged in I realized that it had jumbled up some playlists. *argh* Elsewhere things went surprisingly smoothly. I’m actually pretty amazed how many hardware drivers Windows 7 can automatically find and install which saved me from having to dig through vendors’ download pages quite a bit. and yeah, I’m also pretty relieved that all my Adobe software installed smoothly. I already half expected to join the crowd of people we advise on forums every day and run the drill a couple of times. I made a mess of my Sapphire license which I entirely blame on myself for having overlooked something, but thanks to the quick response from the GenArts people I worked that out quickly, too.

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