One of the little pleasures that I enjoy whenever there’s time is some wandering through what little forests we have here. Climbing up and down the few hills is kinda exhausting for me, but the fresh air does good and there’s always the opportunity to snatch some interesting photos of flora and fauna – within what my cheap camera allows. It always seems the little critters are too fast or the zoom not good enough. You wouldn’t even wanna know how difficult chasing a peacock butterfly can be when you somehow always have to get too close. Almost makes me wish I had a DSLR with some decent lenses, but well, I guess that’s one more thing for the next life when I’m reborn as a millionaire. Today was, however, quite a good day with leapfrogs popping up everywhere on their way to find a safe place for the colder days coming soon, which offered some opportunities to get them on camera in time. Cute little devils! ;-)

brown leapfrog

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