Today you are a Geek!

Websites come and go, but often the people behind them remain the same. Just like good old me has been around forever, so has Lloyd Alvarez. Being quite active in the past on the now almost dead AEnhancers he started AEScripts at some point and that site has taken off considerably and evolved into one of the most valuable resources for After Effects users. As recently reported, they got a facelift and now here’s a little promo piece to go along with it.

I’m not necessarily a fan of the chosen style, but I guess it serves its purpose regardless. Perhaps a better reason and more pulling magnet is another new tool that popped up just in time. Creating reflections and fake shadows with plug-ins that don’t have them built in often requires a ton of duplicate compositions and linking layers, cameras and lights across comps, many times with extra expressions to invert directions, and in the long run this can be quite tiring. Building those passes for my Tron animation surely could have benefited from having a canned solution and here it is. Of course it won’t do miracles and sometimes this stuff will still look all too unreal, but it’s always nice to have options. And of course you still can go all crazy and complement it with IBL Toolkit and other nerdery.

Having a reputation for nerdism and a slight obsession about lens flares, I’m still working on that ultimate comparison chart, but I’m not quite there yet. It seems someone hat a similar idea and beat me to it so in the meantime you might wanna keep an eye on Michele‘s ponderings on the matter.

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