Element for You!

As has always been my intention, I now finally got around to packing up my Element 3D experiments and put the up on my resources site. All the parts from the latest video are included plus the piston engine. Most of that stuff should by no means be considered production ready and you are encouraged to exchange the geometry components with more detailed versions and tweak the parameters, but maybe you can find the ideas and concepts somewhat useful, including not only the motion but how a project can be structured to achieve certain things. And yes, it even shows some tricks on how to fake shadows, the part that is most painfully notable absent from the plug-in right now. And of course you can stil ldownload the IBL Toolkit and other things as well to enhance this even further. It even contains a simplistic area light, something of which I was immediately reminded again when seeing a similar setup being offered on AEscripts‘ renewed site. It feels much more straightforward and friendly than the old one. Another site that got a facelift and some new content is the one of grand seigneur of After Effects code, Dan Ebberts. The stuff about frequency and RPM control already came in handy just the other day when rather than writing a long forum post again I simply could point to this.

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