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No sooner did I complain about the scaling issues in Element, then the next day I had the fix in my hand with the latest update. Well, fix may not be the proper term, as it required me to rebuild some of my projects for the tenth time, but at least an acceptable solution, if you wanna put it that way. That piston engine now actually looks much better with elements coming in at predictable sizes.

Didn’t see any trace of the supersampling, but that could be one of those things my ageing GTX 285 just isn’t up to, considering that I couldn’t even render my Tron text project at full res on it. Maybe I can try that again on my soon to arrive GTX 580. But then again, what’s new for me is already old as NVidia just today announced some crazy Maximus 2 card. You’re gonna need your own nuclear power plant to feed those hungry cards but by CS8 they will be mandatory to draw a simple circle in After Effects, given what they started with CS6. *lol* Hardware acceleration is a treacherous thing, if you’re on the other side of the fence and it fails to deliver on its promise.

Seems like Knoll Light Factory also fell into that trap. The new v3 is slow as molasses on my system and barely usable. Well at least it doesn’t immediately crash like the 2.x series did so many times when you enabled the cute little GPU checkbox. Of course there’s now a new lens editor and what not, but more or less this feels *meh*. The promotional e-mail says “has long been Hollywood’s favorite” and I guess using past perfect is fitting. I still have to finish my comparative chart and count the points, but suffice it to say that KLF isn’t gonna win that one. First MIR and now this – that makes two pretty lame plug-ins in a short time from the same vendor/ distributor… *grrrmpf*


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  1. Mr. Mylenium,
    Is your GTX 285 on a 2009 or 10 Mac Pro?
    Is your 580 replacing it? If so, how are you getting the Mac to recognize it?
    I would love to upgrade and I’ve been seeing promising cards on ebay.

    • Nope, still a PC guy. You’ll have to look around elsewhere for hardware hacks. Some people have done that, but I have no idea about the specifics involved.

      • Thank you. (I probably shoulda PM’d you.)
        Thanks for putting out this cool blog. I check it daily and always find it lively.

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