As reported a while ago, Peder has been cooking up a new plug-in called MIR and now it’s finally available for your pleasure. If you head over to Red Giant Software you can download a demo, but beware, they’re dumping the whole Trapcode suite on you even if you just want this 3 megabyte or so plug-in, so it may take a while. I spared myself the trouble ‘cos I simply don’t know what I would do with it and thus would probably never use it. Between Plexus, Form, FreeForm Pro, Card Dance and of course Cinema 4D it seems I have all the options I could ever want.

I also dread how this will be over-used by everyone in the months to come. I can already see it: Lots of barely tweaked stuff crammed in every reel just because someone thinks those fractal patterns are cool. It’s gonna be the next Shine (or Optical Flares for that matter) *yikes* In the end you might actually find yourself looking hard for ways to avoid using it just not to swim with the crowd, as it were. Sadly that’s also true for Element on some level – I’ve seen so many crumbling text treatments lately, I swear I’m not gonna do one myself any time soon just to not test fate. It’s regretable that people always stop short and rather exploring the true potential of such a tool, always seem to settle for the easy, cheesy solution.

Someone who just does the opposite and never can do enough exploring of possibilities is of course Peter Jackson and while I still do not agree on many decisions he made/ had to make for the Lord of the Rings movies, he’s probably still the only director on this planet who can handle Tolkien‘s work the right way and turn it into film. Therefore I’m pretty pleased that The Hobbit now goes from two movies to three. The actual The Hobbit book isn’t actually that complex, but several parts in it cover long periods of time (e.g. Bilbo wandering several weeks or even months in the palace of the wood elves before being able to free his comerades), so more room to breathe will help even out the pacing and explain a bit more of the background, especially if he really wants to include longer parts from the appendices of the LOTR books that tie together the bigger picture and where many things happen at the same time in different locations. Between this and Prometheus this no doubt will be the highlights of the year in terms of big mainstream movies.

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