Beauty in Music

Despite the heat, Friday turned out more interesting than I thought. First, I downloaded the new Humble Bundle which offers you some music albums this time. Some nice stuff in there, especially the Christopher Tin album. I’ve always been inclined towards electronic music in combination with ethno themes like some of Mike Oldfield‘s or Jean-Michel Jarre‘s work as well of course Deep Forest and a few other such projects. It’s also one of the reasons I so enjoy some of the Cirque‘s show music. This one fits the bill perfectly. It’s really a revelation and there hasn’t been such a well crafted album in a while. The other albums are okay when you are in the mood, I guess, though they do not necessarily fit my musical tastes. I dearly cherish some video game music, but listening to quite similar orchestral Japanese fantasy game battle themes is not something I can do for an hour or so, if you get my meaning.

The other interesting thing was of course the opening ceremony/ show for the summer Olympics in London. Because of the one hour time difference and being really quite tired I didn’t watch the live transmission at 10 in the evening and rather slept, but since my chest hurt like hell this morning and I woke up around 6.30, I more or less accidentally caught the re-run of last night’s events. Especially the first part where they had this transition from agricultural to industrial with its driving percussions and busy scenery everywhere was pretty awesome. But then again of course on a 30 million budget even some school musicals would look pretty impressive… ;-). Given the abundance of music, film and TV stars and icons I would have expected some more to show up, but maybe they’re saving this for the closing show. I just can’t get that picture of the Absolutely Fabulous ladies offering to have a Gin with the Queen out of my head…

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