The Heat is on!

It’s hot everywhere! The heatwave and drought in the US should be proof enough to even the most ignorant American that climate change is real and even here in Central Europe it’s currently just sizzling. Today is probably going to be the hottest day of the year here in Germany with temperatures up to 36 degrees Celsius. That being so, I obviously have been pretty lazy this last week in terms of what I have gotten finished. It’s just no fun staring at the screen while your brain cells evaporate one by one. I guess I should go looking for them next week when it gets cooler and they condensate on the walls and ceiling. ;-) I’ve been been a good boy, though, and pushed around furniture here at the office. Sweating like a horse may not be the most pleasant thing to do, either, but at least it requires only limited brain resources. Elsewhere of course people have air-conditioned offices and can work under any weather conditions, so slowly but surely there is some news trickling in. SIGGRAPH is not far away and the ridiculousness begins with announcements for then to be announcements. Where are the good old times when you didn’t have to suffer all this pointless teasing and products were simply appearing for you ready to buy? These days it’s always like "Today we are pleased to tell you that we will announce product X on this show, but we are only going to relase a Beta half a year later and it won’t be ready before next year.". Oh my! One of those is probably the VRay for Nuke/ Katana announcement. There’s barely any info at all on Katana itself out there so one wonders what influence that may have at all. Nuke is of course a different story. Looks like AtomKraft is getting some steep competition there and the whole thing will separate those tools even more from After Effects. If you are wondering – no, I don’t have any news on AtomKraft or AtomKraft vs. Element for that matter. I’ve simply not been in the mood to install the latest Beta. Element is getting some new antialiasing, which might come in handy for some of my projects and maybe then I can also summarize some of my thoughts on the animation stuff. Finally, as pre-announced a few days ago, Mathias has released Auto Lip-Sync and if you feel like spending a few minutes with the trial, you can even win a full license in a little competition.

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