The Ides of March July

There’s only one thing I value and that’s loyalty. And without it, you’re nothing.

I’m gonna add that to my memory collection of best quotes as it so nicely sums up my credo. Loyalty and integrity are everything. I learned that during my (short) time in the military – you don’t just bug out because it’s inconvenient to be on the wrong side or the wind blows the other way. Ironically enough, it just doesn’t seem to count. Just like Paul get’s shafted in The Ides of March, we all have those experiences where we get screwed over and our own good intentions get in the way. Now granted, Paul is also a victim of his own system covering his boss’ ass for too long, bordering on being criminal, but it illustrates my point. The movie otherwise is not as great as everyone made it sound when it came out. While it gets the madness of the American election races across nicely and also offers some interesting perspective on the election system (which to us non-US people just seems strange no matter how you turn it) with all its plotting and scheming, it’s just a bit too hectic for my taste and fails in that it doesn’t offer any solutions or insights about the motivations of all the players involved. It just doesn’t take its time to explore personal relations beyond the superficial everyday political business. That also weakens the story once shit hits the fan halfway through and everything turns into even more powerplay. The weak story aside, George Clooney does a good job here, though, especially considering the heavy dialog requiring a capable man on the wheel to get the timing of the actors right, but as good as the cast and talent is, there’s just not enough to work with. In the end, it’s all rather conventional and too predictable. That being said, it’s not a bad movie, it’s just one that you will only watch once. There simply are no surprises left after the first time and since you know so little about the characters, you can’t even speculate on alternative storylines. That and of course once the lections are through, nobody will even care to watch it in a while…

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