Scripted (Un)Reality

In the heat-induced lull that is the summer months not much is happening everywhere. That and of course everyone still being massively enawed and shocked (in a positive sense) about Element. Therefore news are rare and far inbetween, trickling in only to evaporate quickly again. The most relevant in that regard might be Mathias‘ upcoming new Auto Lip Sync script/ expression combo. As it stands, my character animation needs tend to level off at zero, but to those that need it, it may come in handy. Just read a question about some phoneme morphing on a forum the other day… In similar news Motionboutique‘s little helper may come in handy to those who go crazy with all sorts of 3D features in After Effects. Not that I would be among those using CS6‘ stuff, but well, different toys for different people and I guess if you can charge your clients for it, it’s okay to do a simple thing the hard way. *lol* Since obviously not everybody is that priviliged and just needs to get his work done, Zaxwerks have updated their plug-ins to just chew away on those mundane everyday tasks. And finally, if you can geek out on math like I occasionally do, you can have 5 minutes of fun with this little thing and draw yourself a pretty spline curve. Which reminds me painfully of some of my experiments on that matter that are catching dust on my harddrive…

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