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In the onslaught of info, both substantial and marketing, on Element I’m still holding back. No that I wouldn’t have to say a thing or two about the matter, but I’m waiting until people actually have used the tool a bit before – and that’s the good news for you – I’m going to throw some more of my geeky experiments at you that I developed and used during the Beta testing phase. So if you were hoping to get more details and my views on the Animation Engine, this is not it. However, as a good faith deposit I still have something for you. As I wrote in my previous article, Element does not do any IBL and that you will have to fake it. Since I just love reusable parametric setups that I can built once and then use over and over until the end of eternity to make my life easier, I sat down and crafted myself a light dome and an area light rigged with expressions to do just that. This is not only extremely handy for Element, but pretty much for any 3D plug-in you can imagine from FreeForm Pro to AtomKraft. And yeah, as much as I loathe it, this would even work with CS6‘ crooked raytracing stuff (should you feel adventurous enough to try). Of course there are limitations still in some plug-ins where OpenGL is involved and the comparison between a 36 light setup with AtomKraft vs. Element‘s 8 lights is pretty noticable, but it’s a start. So grab the stuff and have fun playing with it.

AtomKraft Render

AtomKraft Screenshot

Element Render

Element Screenshot

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