The Blitz is here!

Despite not necessarily getting crazy over lens flares all the time, there are those days when I find I’m not in the mood for anything else and enjoy putting some of those weird and wonderful ideas that run through my head into reality. While this can be exhausting if you need to do too many at a time, it’s one of those oddly relaxing, almost meditative things when you can take your time and experiment with finding the right balance for colors, sizes and brightness or just exploring some cool technique. As a result, after a while you have a number of presets that you might wanna share and this is one of those. Once more built on the Sapphire lens flare effect, this will work not only in After Effects, but also any other package they have plug-ins for, so before I’m boring you to death with more ponderings, just head over to my wonderful content site and grab them while they’re hot…

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