3D on the cheap

As only recently noted, Element will be available from next Monday if all goes well and it’s gonna be a very affordable thing, to say the least. As he was hinting in the comments on one of his rare blog posts on the plug-in a while back, he has now confirmed the 149 dollar price. Even if you have no idea whether you are ever going to use it on a real project, just buying it for some experimentation and exploration is still a steal and guarantees a few hours of fun at least. That would be so unlike my experience with Adobe Media Encoder CS6 vs. Vimeo. If you have ever tried to encode an image sequence there, here’s my advise: Don’t! There may be footage interpretation options, but they just don’t work. The age old bug of sequences defaulting to a 29.97 framerate will result im mayhem and truncate your encoded clip if it was rendered with a different spec and you try to interpret it accordingly. So I ended up rendering and uploading several versions of the same clip to Vimeo, where the chain of madness continued with either the Replace Video function there never actually doing anything and keeping the old version around or the wrong framerates from AME resulting in a mess again. Whatever it was, it just never looked right. Ultimately, to save my sanity, I deleted the clip on Vimeo, rendered out a Quicktime clip from After Effects (which due to the embedded framerate flag and possibly timecode will give consistent results) and only then encoded it, uploading it again as a completely fresh clip. And what do you know? It worked and you will see the proof of that in a few days…

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