Worlds Away

I’m still a massive sucker for anything Cirque du Soleil and so I’m pleased to hear that they are doing a new movie called Worlds Away. From the trailer it would seem to contain bits and pieces from «O», and Iris at least which makes this pretty interesting. is just great and getting a new perspective (quite literally) on some of that should be interesting. People who have seen it actually always tell me that «O» is a bit too big and does not have the artistic value it should have, but the music must easily is the best of all of Cirque and not having the opportunity to see it first hand myself any time soon, I’ll take whatever I can get despite it possibly being flawed. As with anything show-y, you just have to get into it and either you love it or you loathe it. Some people love stuff I never even wouldn’t consider and vice versa….

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