New Toys in Town

After what feels like a small eternity, Video CoPilot’s Element finally will make its debut on a computer near you on July 10. After all the teasing it shall be interesting how it will be received by people and how it compares to other existing and upcoming tools and plug-ins. The 3D race is on! Utterly and completely unrelated, another little plug-in that may interest you is an alternate DPX loader. Apparently the format is widely in use with color correction and finishing tools, so there may come the day when it could be useful for opening that image sequence you got from someone else. On a similar note you might get some images from a a photographer in one of those wonderful RAW formats and then it’s always good to have options that extend beyond what After Effects has on board and if you are a Creative Cloud member that now includes Lightroom as announced on the launch event. Just be careful don’t look at those so-called models – they’re still ugly and their attire on the edge of being utterly distasteful, so there’s a good chance your eyballs explode or you regurgitate your last meal. If you wanna look at some pretty girls, find some pictures of the Wave Gothic Treffen here in Leipzig. While I’m not an inch into that music and community, you just have to admire how much effort those people put into their outfits. And some of those ladies (and gents) look just gorgeous! In more pleasant news Adobe, ever ready to storm the frontiers of ze Interwebs have released another tool called Brackets. There’s of course no shortage of text, script and source code editors, but the interesting bit about this one is that it is built itself using web techniques like JavaScript and CSS. That opens up some interesting scenarios for editing stuff when and where you need it. And the relevance for you? Since it supports syntax highlighting and offers code analysis and inspection tools, it could help you to develop After Effects scripts and expressions, which with a slimmed down version would even be possible on your favorite mobile device…

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