The King is dead, long live the King!

Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of Michael Jackson‘s departure from this planet in a manner of speaking (anyone remember that fun quote from Men in Black about an alien with a sloppy camouflage scheme… ;-) ) and not only was it a reminder of how quickly time flies but also of course ample opportunity to rerun the umpteenth documentary, concert recordings and some movies starring him (MJ as a scarecrow… Who would have thought!). As I already wrote a while ago I’m not necessarily his biggest fan, but do appreciate his importance in the history of modern pop music and pop culture, so some of that is still relevant and interesting. As it happens, one of those documentaries was about the production of the Immortal tour, which I’m hopefully gonna see in December, which added another interesting aspect. Inbetween all the trips down memory lane and a lot of pretty talking the snippets of the actual show or the training for it were far and inbetween, but still, I think I now have a much better idea of how it will look and feel and I’m much more enthusiastic for it despite this being so blatantly obvious commercial…

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