Bizarre Love Triangle – Bizarre Triangle Love

Do you have any idea how many centers a simple triangle can have? I didn’t, either, beyond the basic centroid, orthocenter and circumcenter stuff we learned at school. Refreshing my memory and looking up some formulas on MathWorld I actually got quite a bit distracted reading up on that other stuff…. Mmh, interesting. Now I only hope my lowly brain can handle all that math and put it to work in the way I want it. Shall be interesting to see what projects come of it. On that note I finished up some more stuff for my resources site, so stay tuned. There should be quite a bit of stuff coming, partially following in the wake of some new soon to be released After Effects plug-ins I have been testing and toying with. One of those I’m having a play with at the moment is of course AtomKraft. While I’m getting better at understanding how it "ticks" under the hood, I have not yet done anything serious with it. It still needs several bugs ironed out and performance optimized considerably. On the bright side, though, it is at least usable at all. That episode where I thought my machine would just explode when first trying CS6 still is deeply burnt into my memory and makes me loathe it even more.

Equally arduous this week has been my ongoing excursion into HTML and CSS as I’m rebuilding our company’s website. It’s amazing how far this stuff has come, yet it is still as frustrating as it ever was in many areas. It just still takes forever to figure out how to nest your DIVs and how padding, margins and the various alignment options produce the final positioning of an element. I was almost tempted to use Muse and just slap it together, but that would be too lame, would it not? In my quest for looking for a decent gallery I also found it quite odd how many jQuery extension developers muddy their code by building formatting directly into it or require you to apply complicated styles and custom HTML definitions. Part of that had been one of my biggest frustrations with WordPress, BTW, when I ran my own server and maintained my own theme. It always seemed that the parts I wanted to adjust and make look pretty were hard-coded in the PHP code rather than having hooks for theme variables and CSS.

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