Updates and Non-Updates

It is the day after the first day of Apple‘s WWDC and I can’t quite avoid having that "I told you…" grin now that Mac users got shafted with what is essentially a non-upgrade to the MacPro line. As usual, the web has been full with absurd speculations and crappy articles on what a renewed series might offer and now what? Nada. Zilch. Zip. Zero. Nothing. If this doesn’t prove where the company is headed even to the most stubborn Mac fanboy, then I don’t know what other shock could bring them out of their delusional state. Don’t get me wrong, if I ever have had the money to buy one of those, I’d be just as pissed, but in a way I’m glad I never commited myself to that company beyond my iPods and my 6 year old MacBook Pro. I still would love to get me an iPad, though, as it would be so nice to idle time away in those endless hours at doctors and hospitals. The new MacBook Pro sure looks sexy, too, but for 3000 Euros you can get a pretty beefy desktop computer and a mid-range PC notebook, so it’s unlikely that I’ll ever buy one of those aluminium bricks ever again.

While Apple may not care much for updating its products, I stand by my promises and have finally gotten around to up-converting all my downloadable projects to CS4 which will especially make CS6 users happy that should now be able to open all projects without issues where once they probably couldn’t use some of the old 6.5 ones (yes, some of that goes so far back). Revisiting all those projects also reminded me about the several hundred others that are half-finished on my drives waiting to see the light of day and could keep me busy for the next 5 years, even if I didn’t do anything else….

On that note Mathias Möhl of iExpressions fame pointed out that my stuff is too complicated and people may not understand it when I announced PointGlue:XYZ. Perhaps he’s right, perhaps he’s not. It’s not really relevant, though. You see, and let me say that once and for all, this is my little pleasure and at most I’m sharing my own confusion, explorations and experiments with the rest of the world. I don’t really expect anyone to understand my motivations or hacky code. I could imagine a million uses for this one project alone, but if others can’t wrap their head around it, then I can’t help them. This is free stuff meant to teach you something and perhaps inspire some ideas of your own, not to offer a solution for everything. If I wanted to do that, I’d sell it commercially, but then of course I’d have a whole lot of trouble on my hands with pesky customers and having to forever support this code without having time to move on to other things and all the dull bookkeeping and tax formalities. It probably wouldn’t work, anyway. If the rate the donations come in is any indication, which at this point is exactly zero, I would long have gone broke if I were dependent on this. So take the stuff for what it’s worth to you and grab it as long as it is there…

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