Sticky Things

After the madness that covered pretty much the last 4 months of last year and the months leading up to May this year with endless hours spent on making CAD data look pretty intermingled with all my health problems, I now find a bit more time to dabble in my varius other activities. Aside from testing some nifty plug-ins that will be released soon-ish, I’m finishing up some projects that have been sitting half-finished on my harddrive. As a first result, I now have released PointGlue:XYZ. It may not look like much, but the nerd in me has long been wanting to craft an all out universal solution that I can just throw on wherever I want and it will glue items to whatever I tell it to follow. The endless toComp() or pickwhip expressions got a bit tedious after a while. I’m actually quite proud to say that this thing is almost unbreakable (within the confines of what After Effects will allow to do) and should make the lives of everyone who has to deal with tracking, matchmoving or handling imported 3D data a bit easier. It might also come in handy with your own experiments for the new 3D camera tracker or other stuff. Of course at times this has been quite a struggle. As I wrote a while back, there is no way to just query a comp or project hierarchy in expressions, so I had to wrap my head around some ugly hacks using string processing back and forth, but it’s been a good learning experience regardless. Anyway, just give it a spin and enjoy!

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