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When light is too light

"Light" versions of software are an interesting thing. On one hand they give you access to programs that you may otherwise not consider or not be able to afford, on the other hand they may frustrate you to no end once you have started to use them and then bump into their limitations, which of […]

New Toys in Town

After what feels like a small eternity, Video CoPilot’s Element finally will make its debut on a computer near you on July 10. After all the teasing it shall be interesting how it will be received by people and how it compares to other existing and upcoming tools and plug-ins. The 3D race is on! […]

The King is dead, long live the King!

Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of Michael Jackson‘s departure from this planet in a manner of speaking (anyone remember that fun quote from Men in Black about an alien with a sloppy camouflage scheme… ;-) ) and not only was it a reminder of how quickly time flies but also of course ample opportunity to […]

Nuke them ’til they glow in the Dark…

It’s one of those days…. After several days of rain and lightning, yet relatively high temperatures, air humidity must be 500% and my body is trying to kill me. My lungs are feeling like someone stuffed them with wood splinters and the lymphatic glands up and down my abdomen and thorax seem to have formationed […]

At the End of a much too short Day

That is the reverse-translated German title of a movie otherwise known as Death of a Superhero which I saw at a press screening today and I must say it was very touching, but not for reasons you might imagine. The story is pretty simple and straightforward – teenage boy has cancer and is going to […]

Bizarre Love Triangle – Bizarre Triangle Love

Do you have any idea how many centers a simple triangle can have? I didn’t, either, beyond the basic centroid, orthocenter and circumcenter stuff we learned at school. Refreshing my memory and looking up some formulas on MathWorld I actually got quite a bit distracted reading up on that other stuff…. Mmh, interesting. Now I […]

Updates and Non-Updates

It is the day after the first day of Apple‘s WWDC and I can’t quite avoid having that "I told you…" grin now that Mac users got shafted with what is essentially a non-upgrade to the MacPro line. As usual, the web has been full with absurd speculations and crappy articles on what a renewed […]