Parting is sweet Sorrow

When it comes to my health and physique, in my life there is now three periods – the one as an obese child, the second where I was doing sports like crazy to get mean and lean and the current one after the onslaught of my illness where I’m back to being that slightly chubby person with a protruding tummy. Since my health problems never will go away completely even when they get better and I will be unable to do as much cycling with intense training even in winter as I once did, I decided to get rid of some of that stuff. The first thing to go was my Ergoracer GT. After not having used it in almost 2 years and thatr thing being rather bulky I thought it would be good to have some extra room in my bedroom. I put it on eBay classifieds to give away for free and what do you know? It was barely up half an hour and I already had someone to pick it up. If it wouldn’t have been Sunday and Whitsuntide this Monday, we probably could have concluded the deal in under 2 hours. Well, anyway, it’s now gone and I have to think of how to rearrange my furniture…


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