Know what that little formula up there is? It’s used to calculate the thermal energy of something. Mine is pretty high today, as it’s so far the hottest days of this year and I’m sitting here again rather lightly clad. Of course I write these posts every year, so perhaps I should start complementing them with undie shots to attract more pople? ;-) Another of those formulas and no doubt the most notorious of them all is of course F=ma thanks to a certain Mr. Newton (Anyone remember that Star Trek – Voyager episode where Q tries to debunk his apple story? Just funny!). The plug-in of same name has been updated to v1.2 and in addition to CS6 compatibility brings – well – a lot of nothing more. I’m still thinking hard trying to find a good excuse to use the plug-in, yet while I’m having some fun with dynamics in Cinema 4D (mostly in the experimental sense for my own pleasure, as my other work doesn’t really call for it), I can’t seem to come up with the ultimate scientific breakthrough…

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