Things with X

While Adobe are promoting CS6 to death and it’s getting slightly annoying to see it everywhere (next thing you’ll know they’ll print promotional toilet paper with those bars and when you wipe your bum, it will look all red and yellow and black), I guess the good news is that I was lucky enough to get my Creative Cloud apps installed without a hitch today. What suxx however, and there goes our first pair of Xs, that on neither system I have all those fancy GPU acceleration features in After Effects have any meaning because my graphics cards aren’t what Adobe would like them to be. Neither do they seem to do that much in Premiere. Really sad, considering that my newest workstation is just 2.5 months old. At least elsewhere there are some really cool and more joyful things happening. Yes people, the next version of Plexus is gonna be pretty awesome. Now I just need to hurry up with finishing my expression stuff. That could be so useful here! Stay tuned for more news soon! Completely unrelated, but also with an X in its name is the latest update to X-Particles for Cinema 4D. Especially the spline movement and the particle deformer will come in handy – you know, stuff moving through pipes and tubes or on conveyor like structures in my technical animations and the occasional logo piece with streams and trails… *yummy*

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