Beauty never fades?

While the madness of the Adobe CS6 screw-up still continues with endless posts about install issues, non-working features and bad performance for many of the apps, life goes even in the After Effects world. It so happens, that Digital Anarchy have released their Beauty Box plug-in in version 2. Of course extremely good-looking people like me have no need for this kind of thing, but your next job may feature that lady that doesn’t look that fresh anymore and the plug-in might just come in handy. It may even more so, as now some Pixel Bender plug-ins from AEScripts that offered some similar stuff no longer work in CS6. Speaking of things that are missing from CS6, you might also be on the lookout for Freeform. You can buy a compatible version from Mettle and Chris promised that they are also working hard on compatibility updates for FreeForm Pro and Shapeshifter. Having those plug-ins would not only allow you to use some of the stuff on my resources pages, but also to follow some tutorials. It’s funny how many of those recreate movie titles, but mostly of movies I’d never watch. After that Ironman disaster I’m just getting zero kicks out of Captain America or The Avengers and God forbid I shall ever lay eyes on Battleship. Still, undeniably some of that stuff has an odd charme where the visuals are concerned and just like I had my share of rebuilding The Matrix rain text back then and even a Transformers like text treatment not so long ago, it’s probably okay to recycle those designs for your private pleasure in your homemade videos….

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