Year One

Did anybody notice? Yes, it’s been exactly one year since I posted this to share the joy of the plight (or blight?) that is my illness with the world. So what has happened in that time? I’ve met more doctors than I ever had to visit in my life before. I met good ones, I met bad ones. I met them at the hospital or their private practice and most of them I met far too frequently for my taste. In any case, I know now quite a bit about human physiology. I spent hundreds of hours in hospitals and waiting rooms and quite a bit of money on additional treatments even though we luckily we have a public health system here for most of the rest. I met dozens of people with severe illnesses, many of them with cancer and some of them may in fact already no longer be with us.

I myself escaped several infections that had me down for weeks at a time. It just so happens that as if to celebrate this anniversary I barely escaped a pneumonia those last few weeks, feeling quite weak and taking once more a wide selection of medication, including antibiotics. At that rate I’ll soon enough be fully antibiotic myself. ;-) There are of course downsides to taking all this medicine regularly. My stomach and intestinals have become hypersensitive from the corticoids that control my overreacting immune system and the antibiotics and if that wasn’t bad enough, I’ve become quite chubby. Of course it’s not just the medication, but also that I had to give up pretty much all my sports activities. Not much joy in cycling when you can barely breathe and every muscle in your body is acheing, if you get my meaning. Pain has become a constant companion as has become that perpetual feeling of exhaustion. It’s like on some days I fall asleep at 8 in the evening only to wake up from the pain in my chest at 3 in the morning and barely make it through the day and then the cycle starts all over again. Because of that, I haven’t been out in months. It’s always like I wanna go to the movies or the disco on weekends and then realize I’d rather just collapse and sleep.

Through all that, on top of it I had to struggle with my employer being on the verge of collapse over and over gain, with months behind in salary payments, yet there was work a plenty and I had many 14 hour days and weekends where every minute was filled with work. While doing that, I migrated my 3D work from Lightwave to Cinema 4D and in the process learned a lot more about dealing with huge gobs of CAD data. Amazingly, I still managed to dabble with After Effects on and off and produce something with it like my lensflare packs (here and here). On the other hand, I shut down many other activities like maintaining the After Effects Error Code Database or on a more general sense my own server and while everybody seemed to go crazy when I took it offline, the world still kept on turning and it still does so, even if in the meantime Adobe have brought out yet another version. So everything is just business as usual – minus me here and there.

Oh, and it’s my grandma’s 86th birthday today, just so you know! ;-)

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