In Limbo?

I have this phase at the moment where I’m actually enjoying playing a new game every now and then and in addition to the recently mentioned Botanicula which was over all too quickly (as much as I appreciate the creative richness of those games and how much effort it takes to create it, those games are always too short) I got myself Limbo. I was actually pretty excited when it was first announced 2 years ago, but then equally frustrated as it was exclusive to the XBox network way back then. So I more or less had forgotten about it until recently it crept back into my memory and las, there was finalyl a PC version available – actualyl since August last year, it would seem, but in the madness around my illness that kinda slipped under the radar gain, I guess. Anyway, I’m loving it! While some of the stuff is pretty macabre and off beat with all those creative ways to get your main character killed, the game is very well designed and actually manages to make you explore all those deaths before you move on to solving the puzzles. And of course the visual style of a silhouette cartoon is quite stunning and original, too. Now if only it recognized my gamepad and I wouldn’t have to play with the keyboard, it would be perfect…

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