Today you are a Beta Tester!

Well, at least that’s the impression I get when reading forum posts these days about CS6 and the ensuing mess. Does it show that I wasn’t around to save their asses by helping them with Beta testing? Now granted, and in everybody’s defense, you can’t find every single bug no matter how hard you test any software, but goodness, what has happened here? Everybody just been too busy playing with the 3D extrusions and camera tracker and forgotten to test all the minor details? It’s funny that that exactly seems to be what I always have had a neck for. In the past, I’ve come across some exotic bugs and bashed them until I got to the bottom of them. You wouldn’t even wanna know what weird things some of your favorite tools would do, had I not spent my evenings with them in their infancy and put them through my tender care. Anyway, if the torture of CS6 is not enough to satisfy your masochistic tendencies and you wanna experience the thrill of busted installs, screwed-up projects, random crashes and missing data the proper way, you have now the chance to make your life even more difficult by joining the AtomKraft Beta. Maybe you can shine as a rockstar Beta tester there and have your 15 minutes of Internet fame. People will love you if you take all the risk off their shoulders…

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