1-2-3 activate

Since there is still a lot of confusion about all this new Creative Cloud stuff and how it affects your digestive tract and menopause hormonal balance, thankfully the people at the big red A have written up a FAQ to answer all that – or cause further confusion. We will have to see. Just like the rest of the world, I’m massively undecided. CS6 once again raises hardware requirements to insane levels, so I’ll have to figure out that first and the rest still leaves me with that "It’s just yet another version." feeling because I simply know that most of the new stuff I will barely use or never at all. It’s just not at all wetting my appetite and given how nerdy I used to be about After Effects, that is no good sign. Some other things that have been more appetizing were the latest trailers for Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises. You might wanna have a look-sy…

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