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More A in GenArts

When I received their newsletter this week, I was already positively surprised by the redesign of the Sapphire branding and I just stumbled upon an online ad that featured more of this. GenArts‘ branding has always been a bit rustic, so this more modern styling makes a welcome change. Oh, and did I mention that […]


Adobe‘s product releases are the time of the year when most of the time I really wanna be somewhere else. While there’s the usual ass-kissing olympics with "This is a great release!" from some users and the return favor "We thank our development team, Beta testers, training material providers and everybody’s mum." from the officials, […]

Preemptive Strike!

Here on this blog I’ have many times written about the pros and cons of hardware acceleration just as I’ve written about how much I dread the day the most unqualified people start using 3D extrusions and similar features, yet here we are and have both at the same time realized in what is After […]

Lost in the Mail…

You know what sucks? When you spend a lot of money on something and then it doesn’t work or is incomplete. I seem to have a streak of bad luck on that one, as it has bitten me twice today. First I tried to dabble with the SuperTracer plug-in for Cinema 4D which I paid […]

Easter Egg Explosion

It’s one of those days…. After having survived the strangeness that is Easter, I’m sick home again because those 1000 lymphatic glands in my body have conspired again and it feels like they could explode any second now *argh* I’m short on breath and feeling completely crunched and I can’t get anything done (once again). […]

Mental-ly done!

As I was writing just this week, I’ve been testdriving M4D in order to make up my mind whether it would be a worthwile investment. Now that I have, I have come to the conclusion that it probably isn’t. The biggest disappointment in all that is iRay. It is nowhere near anything like what I’m […]

Good Friday, Good News?!

If you know your favorite blogging software, you probably know your dashboard and its widgets. One of those happens to feature the most frequent questions/ search terms and I thought, since there is not much else to write about, I’ll have a little fun writing about it and answering some of them. So let’s start […]

Going Mental?

Still being stuck deeply in all kinds of CAD visualization stuff has once more raised my desire to go looking for alternatives to Cinema 4D‘s built-in renderers. Now granted, it has gotten better with the introduction of the physical renderer in R13 and some other additions and changes and the more I re-learn the program, […]

Still Tracking the big white Whale…

While I still haven’t found that nice and simple whale papercraft model I have been chasing for a while now, I had some luck making my mom happy with some alternatives. It’s a good thing the Japanese still love this kind of stuff as much as they do love their smart phones! Still, tracking this […]