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Friday Defunct

It’s one of those Fridays…. We have a fun saying here “Deine Mudder hat das Internet gelöscht.” (“Your mother deleted the Internet.”) and mine did indeed that. Well, not exactly. Luckily for you and me she’s running offline, but she did manage to send her Excel toolbars into oblivion once again and then didn’t know […]

Buying Spree

I told you it would happen and here indeed we are wondering what would be the best way to rob a bank so we can take advantage of all these offers. From Digieffects to Trapcode and Red Giant Software to Video CoPilot stuff and mocha you can spend big to your hearts content. Even some […]

Smoke and Stroke

With the NAB show starting today, inevitably there was bound to be some more news not just from Adobe. One such good news is that Autodesk have massively reduced the price for their smoke* finishing/ compositing app. It’s still a bit steep for me, but it’s certainly becoming a viable alternative to Nuke and even […]

More A in GenArts

When I received their newsletter this week, I was already positively surprised by the redesign of the Sapphire branding and I just stumbled upon an online ad that featured more of this. GenArts‘ branding has always been a bit rustic, so this more modern styling makes a welcome change. Oh, and did I mention that […]


Adobe‘s product releases are the time of the year when most of the time I really wanna be somewhere else. While there’s the usual ass-kissing olympics with "This is a great release!" from some users and the return favor "We thank our development team, Beta testers, training material providers and everybody’s mum." from the officials, […]

Preemptive Strike!

Here on this blog I’ have many times written about the pros and cons of hardware acceleration just as I’ve written about how much I dread the day the most unqualified people start using 3D extrusions and similar features, yet here we are and have both at the same time realized in what is After […]

Lost in the Mail…

You know what sucks? When you spend a lot of money on something and then it doesn’t work or is incomplete. I seem to have a streak of bad luck on that one, as it has bitten me twice today. First I tried to dabble with the SuperTracer plug-in for Cinema 4D which I paid […]