High Speed Hobbit

For anything technical, there’s always the risk that you over-engineer, meaning you add too many features and options which your users probably never will use. I’m actually quite shocked to find out that exactly that has happened to the new 3D extrusion stuff in After Effects CS6. I mean, really? Separate property groups for the 4 components constituting the extrusion multiplied by 7 options for each multiplied with yet 5 more for colors? How likely is it ever that you are gonna animate these properties, anyway, once you’re happy with how your text looks? I mean, it’s not that the refraction index of a glass bottle changes just by looking at it at a different angle or drinking its content, you know. And even if you did, wouldn’t a simple blend amount between 2 materials be much more straightforward? It’s really amazing how Adobe could get such a simple thing wrong and turned what should be a fun feature to use into this abomination.

Speaking of getting things wrong, it seems that Peter Jackson joins the team. First reviews of The Hobbit shot at 48fps sound severely like a disaster. I was actually looking forward to this, but if it really looks like a taped TV show, I’m highly skeptical that it actually will be enjoyable. It’s actually quite strange that the man who did the Lord of the Rings movies could so miss the meaning of why we all love cinema: We love it because of its inadequacies and your next seat neighbour covering you with his popcorn. ;-) Perhaps he should have talked to Christopher Nolan? I guess now they’ll have to get on working hard on downconverting this to 24fps and add grain and post-production motionblur to salvage this debacle.

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