Yet another Flares Knock-Off

Somewhat drowned in the madness of the CS6 announcement is another news of relevance. Yes, anything to do with lens flares is relevant in this place and as everybody & his mom could have guessed, Knoll Light Factory is getting its due with the next release. A re-vamped editor, presets, 3D integration, triggers…. Oh, wait! Doesn’t that sound all too much like Optical Flares? It’s funny how everybody still keeps aping it. Not that I’m complaining, but with all the tools already on the market, including GenArtsSapphire version which is available pretty much in any compositing/ editing program already, it seems a bit redundant, especially after years where Red Giant didn’t quite seem to know what to do with KLF and let it simmer with only minor changes and enhancements…

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