Ugly Cloud

I actually watched the CS6 launch event. Well, watched is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but I listened to it with half an ear while doing other work on the side. In fact I’m glad I didn’t sit down just for that. In summary, it was just a pretty awful presentation. First, you know, Adobe have no taste at all. They really had those ugly models all the way in their presentations and I can’t write down all the colorful phrases that come to mind without going for a strong R rating. I think I have to throw up. All that mumbo-jumbo about empowering creativity was also pretty annoying. Sure, we all do things today we couldn’t conceive of 5 years ago and the digital world has very much taken on a life on its own – for better or worse – but frankly they are overstating their case. It’s not that we get "art" just because of Photoshop Mobile and kids doing weird things on their iPhones. *sigh* What also bored me out of my skull were those longwinded web demos. Like I care! And that guy just didn’t find an end to his presentation because he was so excited about this stuff and wanted to explain everything. It was just poorly planned and executed. If this was a comission for exams, he’d have failed miserably for over-extending his 10 minutes. Were there any good parts? That clip about that Oleg guy was actually quite interesting, though I wonder what some poor Russian babooshka would have to say about his privileged live… And yeah, if you go Creative Cloud, you get Lightroom now, too. That will probably send my colleague screaming at someone, ‘cos almost inevitably it will mean that you won’t be able to buy it separately anymore at some point…

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