Buying Spree

I told you it would happen and here indeed we are wondering what would be the best way to rob a bank so we can take advantage of all these offers. From Digieffects to Trapcode and Red Giant Software to Video CoPilot stuff and mocha you can spend big to your hearts content. Even some lesser known tools like Newton can be had with a few bucks shaved off. You might pick up some of that to complement and complete your collection of After Effects plug-ins you only use once and then never again. ;-) At least that’s how it often turns out for me. The novelty just wears thin so quickly when everybody does Optical Flares or dynamics and things quickly move from being trendy to just being another fad.

One thing made my day today, though. Since I’m down with an infection again (bordering on pneumonia), I’m trying to finish up a few things here at home and while doing so, I do listen to BBC radio from time to time. It so happens that I stumpled upon this story they had in their people news. That is definitely far out, to say the least…

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