Smoke and Stroke

With the NAB show starting today, inevitably there was bound to be some more news not just from Adobe. One such good news is that Autodesk have massively reduced the price for their smoke* finishing/ compositing app. It’s still a bit steep for me, but it’s certainly becoming a viable alternative to Nuke and even After Effects. Just the other day I was watching some videos on FXGuide and found myself being quite a bit amazed about how well integrated their tracking stuff was. If After Effects only did half of that, things would get a lot easier by leaps and bounds. Of course one has to be careful – a demo is a demo and no doubt there are just as many annoyances in smoke* as there are in Adobe‘s offering. Well, we’ll have to see, I guess. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take them 20 years like the latest news about CS6 are trickling in, this time for Illustrator. Yes, finally you will be able to have proper strokes with gradients without resorting to blends, gradient meshes or creating custom brush strokes. Speaking of strokes, I also found Photoshop‘s new airbrush and erodable brushes quite nice. Might give me a good reason to drag out my Wacom more often. It’s a neat touch and I wasn’t even aware of it since I’m so snowed under with work I never got around to installing any of the CS6 products….

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