Adobe‘s product releases are the time of the year when most of the time I really wanna be somewhere else. While there’s the usual ass-kissing olympics with "This is a great release!" from some users and the return favor "We thank our development team, Beta testers, training material providers and everybody’s mum." from the officials, but there is of course just as well enough people that complain about this and that not having been fixed. Both are in their own way tiresome and the odd thing is that I’m caught inbetween. On one hand I’m defending Adobe against all those moaners and nay-sayers, on the other I find myself just as underwhelmed as some of them. CS6 is just one more of those releases that have me sitting here with shrugged shoulders and thinking "So what? Did the universe just burp?". If you get my meaning: Half of it I’ll never use and the rest of the enhancements still suffer from the program’s ailing and ageing infrastructure in other departments. I’d take a better graph editor over any new 3D features anytime just as I would love to have access to masks and shape layer paths with expressions. Would make life so much easier and perhaps then having this extrusion stuff would actually make sense when you can have fun animating it without being stuck with a clunky editor…

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