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I actually had a pretty frustrating experience last week with After Effects while I was trying to finish up some animation just in time for drupa 2012. There I was with all my beautifully rendered OpenEXR files from Cinema 4D and then the program showed me its ugly teeth. Working with EXRs has always been […]

High Speed Hobbit

For anything technical, there’s always the risk that you over-engineer, meaning you add too many features and options which your users probably never will use. I’m actually quite shocked to find out that exactly that has happened to the new 3D extrusion stuff in After Effects CS6. I mean, really? Separate property groups for the […]

Glimpses of the Future Element

While news on Element are far and between, every now and then Andrew lets us in on some of his latest work which of course features his plug-ins as well. So now we get some more hints of Element, some Twitch and of course inevitably Optical Flares. There’s also some Plexus in there, which is […]

Fun with Bugs

No, not what you think. I’m not always testing software or cobbling together weird expression stuff. From time to time I actually do play games – for the 500th time Zelda on my Nintendo DS, my old console and arcade games from the golden days of Megadrive and Super Nintendo and every now and then […]

Yet another Flares Knock-Off

Somewhat drowned in the madness of the CS6 announcement is another news of relevance. Yes, anything to do with lens flares is relevant in this place and as everybody & his mom could have guessed, Knoll Light Factory is getting its due with the next release. A re-vamped editor, presets, 3D integration, triggers…. Oh, wait! […]

Ugly Cloud

I actually watched the CS6 launch event. Well, watched is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but I listened to it with half an ear while doing other work on the side. In fact I’m glad I didn’t sit down just for that. In summary, it was just a pretty awful presentation. First, you know, […]

The Creative Cloud is here – and it looks like Rain

We have a saying here in Germany about the weather being so typical April and that refers to things being quite mixed. As I have written a couple of times, I have the same feelings about of most what CS6 brings – lots of new toys for kids, some nice workflow enhancements here and there, […]