Hunting for the Whale

…not necessarily the big white one as in Moby Dick, but I’m still looking for that paper cutout sperm whale for printing out at home. It’s really a simple model. You know, one part for the upper body, one for the bottom and jaw and it’s blue and has these triangular teeth where you glue everything together and when it’s finished, it makes a neat little desktop gimmick to throw in your paperclips or other tiny bits. In my venture to support my mom’s efforts as a school teacher I also got her one of these nice recognition charts. All the info you could ever want in one place. The whole thing also reminds me of the first ever whale 3D model. Can’t remember the exact source, but I believe it came on a CD with a book for 3D Studio R3 (yes, the old one for DOS) and was based on a point scan of a clay sculpt. At 70000 polygons or so it was quite detailed for the time and it took forever to render it on a 486DX processor with only 8 megabytes of RAM. Today you’d consider such models almost low-poly. How far we have come! Another whale rendering that has always impressed and inspired me is this classic on the Luxology website.

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